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Hey, thanks for stopping by. This website is all about drinking great coffee and lifting heavy things (the clue is in the name, right?).  All things related to training, and, of course – that magical beverage – coffee will be discussed.

As well as training and coffee, you’ll also find tonnes of top quality free content on nutrition and supplements.

So what are you waiting for? Come in, take a browse and have a read. Feel free to comment and ask questions. If you’d like to get in touch just hit the contact tab.



“I started training with Tom in February 2008. I had been forced to drop out of my second marathon due to an overuse injury which had left me on crutches and I needed to focus on strength work. I only thought of personal training as a stepping stone to get my performance back on track but the “clever stuff” really paid off and the results speak for themselves: I am now almost 20% faster over 5km and almost 15% faster over a half marathon (plus I dropped 10lbs and a dress size in the first 6 months). I’m spending less time pounding the pavements relentlessly which is good news for avoiding injury and for my busy lifestyle. I entered my first duathlon event in 2010 and April 2012 will hopefully see me run that second marathon – watch this space…”


“The very first time I came in, Tom conducted a body fat test using 12 different points on my body. It came out to be 17.6%. I weighed 205lbs. He quickly explained to me how our bodies work and what we need to fuel it. He wrote a diet and workout plan for lifting weights. I didn’t believe I was going to get anywhere without running but, 4 weeks went by and I was already at 13% feeling much leaner with a flat belly. At the end of the 12 week process I was at 9% body fat, weighing 195lbs. Thanks Tom!”


“Tom created for me a bespoke series of training programs (executed with a combination of in-person PT and also on my own) with a step change in the level of intensity. This was combined with an acute attention to detail in terms of nutrition and supplements – all to aid my main goal of fat loss. I gradually found that I was capable of much more than I had done before. The PT training sessions, with an emphasis on form and time under tension – and a bucket load of encouragement. Tom identified that I respond well to high volume and low rest, with a nervous system that takes a little while to kick in. As a result, the training was further refined.This guy lives the lifestyle, and understands that it can be hard to combine a demanding job with the training and strict nutrition. But, when you see the results he attains for himself and others, it spurs you on to maintain the discipline needed to eat well and to give 100% to all training sessions. The regular program changes and training variety also make this massively rewarding – especially as you start to see the results.”


Weights Lift


According to Dietmar Schmidtbleicher (sports science super geek)…  “Strength is the mother quality.”

Want to build a strong, muscular, powerful, lean physique? Then strength is the underpinning quality you NEED to develop. And what are the best tools to build strength? Weight training and, more specifically, free weights.

This website aims to give you useful actionable tips, tricks and nerdy weight training facts to help you develop the strong physique you deserve.



As P.G. Wodehouse almost wrote… “There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature coffee.”

Throughout the site I will share with you my love of coffee.  What have I got in store for you? Coffee reviews…check! Best places to grab a flat white in London…check”  Crowbarring random lists of the health benefits of drinking coffee in at every available opportunity…check!

With enough coffee we could rule the world! So jump on board and share my adventures across London’s (and eventually the worlds) coffee galaxy.

Click Here to Get My FREE Breakfaast Recipe Book