How To Select The Best Exercises For Hypertrophy

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A quick video guide to help you select the best exercises for hypertrophy based on the key criteria.

In Defense Of Body Part Splits

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A while back I wrote this article outlining why the “Bro” split of hitting a body part once per week isn’t as bad as it appears on paper. Despite the hate this style of training gets it is the way most bodybuilders and physique athletes train. It has built thousands of great physiques. So, why does it get so much …

Optimal Strategies For Fat Loss

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In this video I discuss how best to achieve fat loss… Don’t want to watch the vid? Here are my notes on the topic: Note before the notes. These are the notes I scribbled down when planning the vid so they are un-edited. Apologies for lack of grammar, punctuation etc. Need a deficit Different ways to achieve a deficit Calories …