What Science Has To Say About Building Muscle

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Science is a way of developing knowledge; a mechanism to establish what you accept as sufficiently “real” to allow you to act upon, and thereby live your life. So, science can help guide how you live your lifting life. Go here to read the full article and learn more

Tip: Unbalanced Training for Bodybuilding

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Balanced training is great for beginners, but not so much for the experienced lifter. Here’s why. Read the full article here

Stay Injury Free While Training For Size

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Staying injury free while training for size is a multi-factorial, multi-layered process. Lifting weights is actually very safe and the injury rates are far lower than many sports. Adding muscle to your frame can help to reduce injuries. In that respect, it is like armor for your body. There are, however, hundreds of gym rats out there dealing with nagging …

Individualizing Macronutrient Ratios For Fat Loss

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You’ve probably heard you need to go low carb to lose fat. Chances are other people have told you to go low fat. Right now, the ketogenic diet (a high fat, moderate protein, zero carb diet) is having a burst in popularity. All of these diets manipulate macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbs) to help you lose weight. Read the rest …

Sapiens Book Review

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By Yuval Noah Harari This book was recommended to me by my colleague Greg Smith. Unlike most recommendations I acted on this one quickly and read it almost immediately during our last family holiday. It’s a pretty hefty book (over 400 pages) and took me a good chunk of our two-week trip to get through.   It’s author Yuval Noah …

Success Leaves Clues; So Does Science

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Throughout the history of the iron game bodybuilders have used trial and error and the wisdom passed down from one generation of meathead to the next to determine what works. The evolution of this process led most top bodybuilders to train with a split routine, training each muscle once per week. Read the rest of the article here.  

Painful Advice Every Lifter Needs to Hear Don’t Get Mad, Just Get Better

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Here is my contribution to one of T-Nation’s compilation articles… Sometimes you have to look worse to look better. What I mean by this is that you look your best when you’re lean. After that first successful diet every lifter feels like a god. They’re itching for any excuse to take their shirt off and display their six-pack. Once you’ve …

The Alchemist Book Review

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By Paulo Coehlo   Much like the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari this is a book I had heard was good many times from many people. Likewise, it took me ages to finally get around to reading it once I’d had these recommendations. When I eventually got around to it I wasn’t disappointed.   The book is only 163–pages long. …

6 More Hypertrophy Tips For The Long Limbed Lifter

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Welcome back. In my first article, Hypertrophy for Long-Limbed Lifters, I covered the first five key training strategies to help long-limbed guys build muscle. In this article, I have another six tips for you to fine tune your training. To read the full article go here.

Book Review: Huge & Freaky – Muscle Mass and Strength Secrets

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by Dennis B. Weis and Robert Kennedy   A massive book. 16 chapters and about 500 pages. It brings together years of practical experience to help illustrate how to gain muscle. Throughout the book they site multiple examples of how top bodybuilders train.   It is full of example programs for you to try. Including, a 6-phase Muscle and Strength …