Book Review: Huge & Freaky – Muscle Mass and Strength Secrets

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by Dennis B. Weis and Robert Kennedy


A massive book. 16 chapters and about 500 pages. It brings together years of practical experience to help illustrate how to gain muscle. Throughout the book they site multiple examples of how top bodybuilders train.


It is full of example programs for you to try. Including, a 6-phase Muscle and Strength gain program.


This book isn’t a textbook or full of references. Instead they focus on what bodybuilders have done in the gym. Rather than giving you the science of why things work, it just gives you what has worked in the trenches.


The book is an easy read. It is not full of technical jargon. They get to the point in an understandable way. The vibe is a, “this is what we’ve seen work – try it for yourself” type thing. As such, it is a cool book for the training enthusiast with an interest in how the best of the best train.


I think it is important you have a grasp of the underlying principles of training before reading this book though.


If you are a newbie and jump straight in implementing what they lay out in this book, it will likely be too advanced for you and you won’t understand why some things work and others don’t.


Assuming you have a good grasp of training theory and can use this book as inspiration to provide you with fresh ideas then, I think it is a great resource.


If you are a little greener, however, then you might get caught up in the musclemag hype and do more harm than good.


The book is of really high production quality. Well written and full of images. If you are a training geek then grab yourself a copy.


In summary, this book won’t blind you with science, but it might blind you with over the top muscle mag style delivery. Tucked away in this hype are some gems and I have re-visited the book numerous times.


It provides you with a ton of actionable training tips based and effective information. The methods in this book have worked well for many top bodybuilders. Therein lies the problem, you aren’t a top bodybuilder.


While it is fascinating to hear how these guys train, applying these methods to yourself probably isn’t the best decision (unless of course you happen to be an elite bodybuilder). So, go in with your thinking cap on. Extract the info, filter it through a critical lens, and then use the underlying principles to apply it to yourself.


The methods inside are proven to work. The key is to adapt them to your needs so they work for you!

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