Book Review: The Purposeful Primitive – From Fat and Flaccid to Lean and Powerful

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If you are interested in weight training then, this is a must read. The author, Marty Gallagher has done a phenomenal job!


It provides a unique insight into the training of some of the legends of the iron game. The book provides you behind the scenes access to the training methodologies of many all-time greats that Gallagher has trained with, coached, and observed. The book highlights the keys to success and what all these lifters had in common.


Russian strength specialist Pavel Tsatsouline has this to say about the book,


“Marty Gallagher has written the Great American Novel of Strength.”


Many of the guys in this book are people you won’t of herd of, but when you hear about their herculean feats of strength and see pictures of their incredible physiques you will somewhat foolish and somewhat inspired. Foolish that you were ignorant of their existence. Inspired by wat they achieved.


Not only do you get examples of their exact training sessions, but anecdotes and stories that reveal much about their personality. This allows you to feel like you get to know each individual character within the book in just a few short pages.


While reading about the men within this book you get a sense of their grit, determination, and hardcore mentality to be the best. You are left under no illusion that hardwork is what helped to separate them from the rest (obviously aided by some stellar genetics).


The book does a fantastic job of explaining the underlying laws of training while leading you through interesting stories from guys with all sorts of different backgrounds.


It highlights the differences between them and their training approaches. More importantly it showcases that the principles on which their training was founded and their specific methodologies have much in common. When looking at these success stories, there will of course, be differences. However, there are far more similarities. If you base your own training on the 80-90% they agree on then, you are on the road to gainzville.


The nook also provides a template for developing your own physique and in the authors words uses a,


“Commonsense nutritional strategies and Old School training tactics are synchronized and placed within a periodized timeframe. The three interrelated Purposefully Primitive disciplines (weight training, cardiovascular training and nutrition) need to be regularly and routinely practiced in a balanced and proportional fashion.”


If you want to develop your historical knowledge of the strength and muscle game then get a copy. It is informative, entertaining, inspiring, and actionable.

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