The Swedish Hypertrophy Protocol

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What’s old is often new in the world of strength training and bodybuilding. Methods and techniques gain popularity and then, in time are replaced by the latest and greatest protocols. This process follows a fairly cyclical pattern. One such example, is the recent rise in popularity of blood flow restriction (BFR) training.   BFR has been around since the 1966 …

Should You Train for Muscle Damage?

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For many years if you wanted to build your body you had to establish what worked via trial and error or rely on hearsay passed down from one generation of meathead to the next. In recent times, however, there has been a lot of scientific research on the mechanisms and training principles of hypertrophy. This increased level of investigation makes …

Manipulating Intensity, Volume and Frequency for Size

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Are you desperate to build muscle? Have you googled phrases like “the ultimate arm annihilation”, “how to build big legs”, “Arnold’s chest workout?”.  In the gym kicking your own butt 5, 6 or even 7 days a week but still struggling to gain muscle? Well, you are looking at the world through a straw. Jumping from one “best” program to …

How To Select The Best Exercises For Hypertrophy

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A quick video guide to help you select the best exercises for hypertrophy based on the key criteria.

In Defense Of Body Part Splits

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A while back I wrote this article outlining why the “Bro” split of hitting a body part once per week isn’t as bad as it appears on paper. Despite the hate this style of training gets it is the way most bodybuilders and physique athletes train. It has built thousands of great physiques. So, why does it get so much …

Training Guidelines To Build Muscle

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Training to build muscle, it’s simple, right?   Well let me ask you a question… How much muscle have you built this year?   Happy with your results? Or feel you could have made more progress?   If you’re like most gym goers you have probably made some gains, but nowhere near as many as you could have.   Want to maximise your results? …

Squeeze Overload Like It Owes You Money – Progressively Integrating The Mind Muscle Connection

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Should you just move the most weight possible from A to B or should you flex and squeeze the weight up and down only focusing on the quality of the contraction rather than the load? You should do both. As ever, the middle ground wins. The problem with the fitness industry (it’s true in all industries actually, but particularly the …

How Often Should You Train To Make The Best Progress?

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What is ideal training frequency to have you making the fastest gains in size and strength? The answers is written below. Prefer to watch a video than read the info? Cool. Watch this… Firstly, we need to be clear on what training frequency means… Step forward Brad Schoenfeld for a quick definition… “While traditionally the term frequency has been associated with …

Have Bro’s been doing science the whole time?

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Ah, the bros? You either are one or you hate them. Not sure what I’m talking about then let’sclear it up with some background and definitions… What is a Bro? A bro is part of a subculture of “conventional guys’ guys”. They are often seen as obnoxious. A bro will socialise with his male peers and enjoys lively, unintellectual pursuits. …

The Daily Grind – 14th Edition

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Week 1 of controlled overreaching. The aim over the next tow weeks is to really push the volume of sessions up to my MRV or even beyond and then take a well earned deload week before blitzing the final 3 weeks before Xmas. I will incorporate techniques such as drop sets and upper sets to boost the volume without extending …