Tip: Unbalanced Training for Bodybuilding

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Balanced training is great for beginners, but not so much for the experienced lifter. Here’s why. Read the full article here

Sapiens Book Review

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By Yuval Noah Harari This book was recommended to me by my colleague Greg Smith. Unlike most recommendations I acted on this one quickly and read it almost immediately during our last family holiday. It’s a pretty hefty book (over 400 pages) and took me a good chunk of our two-week trip to get through.   It’s author Yuval Noah …

6 More Hypertrophy Tips For The Long Limbed Lifter

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Welcome back. In my first article, Hypertrophy for Long-Limbed Lifters, I covered the first five key training strategies to help long-limbed guys build muscle. In this article, I have another six tips for you to fine tune your training. To read the full article go here.

Do You Know What You Think You Know and Do You Apply It?

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Ever heard the phrase, “a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous”? This phrase applies to training for hypertrophy. In my experience, many people develop a certain degree of understanding about training for muscle gain. Then, inexplicably they start doing all sorts of things which violate the principles they had learnt. I have done exactly the same thing. I wasted …

Back Off Sets – The Solution To A Linear Problem

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In the past I have written (here & here) and talked (here) about the limitations of a linear progression model for hypertrophy. Just to recap here are my main gripes with it. Firstly, training must be progressively overloading. The principle of progressive overload is what governs effective, hard training. Overload means that training must disrupt homeostasis enough to cause the body …

What Sat Navs Can Teach us About Tracking Progress

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A Sat Nav uses the global positioning system (GPS) to pinpoint exactly where you are on the planet. It detects signals from at least three satellites in a constellation of around 18-30 constantly orbiting the earth to triangulate your position. This allows the sat nav to determine your position with extreme precision. This approach can teach us a lot when …

Have Bro’s been doing science the whole time?

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Ah, the bros? You either are one or you hate them. Not sure what I’m talking about then let’sclear it up with some background and definitions… What is a Bro? A bro is part of a subculture of “conventional guys’ guys”. They are often seen as obnoxious. A bro will socialise with his male peers and enjoys lively, unintellectual pursuits. …

The Daily Grind – 12th Edition

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More of the same this week. Nudging the volume up. A few more reps or a bit more weight on most exercises. I also added 1 set per bodypart to almost all sessions. Feeling good and will push the volume up a little more next week and see how I respond. My bodyweight is steadily climbing up. Gained just over …

The Hardgainer Files – Hummingbird with a Sumo Wrestlers Appetite

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Us hardgainers typically have the metabolism of a hummingbird who’s smashed back a few too many double espressos. Sure we are lean but, we also have trouble putting on weight. In some cases, the appetite of a hardgainer doesn’t match his metabolism. That’s a tough spot to be! However, there are guys out there who have the appetite of a …