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How a Skinny Kid told he was ‘too small’ to become a professional rugby player quit his whining, manned up, and added 38 pounds of Rock-Hard Muscle to his frame.


This story might sound farcical, but it’s 100% true.
I used to be just like you - embarrassed about my skinny frame, scared to take my t shirt off in front of my friends, and terrified of being judged by girls.
All my friends seemed to have such an easy time of keeping in shape.
They barely lifted weights, and couldn’t care less about their diet, yet somehow they looked lean and muscular year-round.
Me on the other hand?
I felt cheated.
I was busting my butt in the gym, working hard on every single set, pushing myself to the limit, and eating so much protein I was physically feeling sick.
Yet the gains were slow.
Fighting tooth and nail for every single pound was depressing and demoralising.
And when I did gain weight, I just looked like I got fatter.
The thing was, I loved lifting weights and hitting the gym, but seeing so little results meant I was on the verge of breaking point.
It hadn’t always been like this though …

Shy, Quiet and Bullied …
But when my big chance came, I blew it.
I was bullied at school.
Sure, most kids are bullied to some degree, but I was REALLY BULLIED.
The reason?
My size.
I was the skinniest kid in my year at school by far, and that meant my confidence levels were virtually zero.
I felt locked in to this body that I hated, and was so self-conscious I could barely make eye contact with people, let alone speak to girls.
Despite all this though, I was still a pretty good rugby player …
… so good in fact, that upon leaving school, I was picked up by a professional team - Harlequins, to play for them full-time.
This was it: My big break.
Everything was in place for me to escape my troubled past and finally make something of myself.
To build a body not only fit for a rugby pitch, capable of battering down defenders, and charging through opponents, but one that I could truly be proud of.
You’d have thought I’d have grabbed this opportunity with both hands?
But I didn’t.
Something nagged in the back of my mind.
To everyone else, I was this superstar sportsman, on the verge of playing on national TV to the cheers of adoring fans, but to me?
I was still that scrawny kid who couldn’t get a girlfriend, and for who building muscle was nothing but a pipe dream.
I made every excuse possible to get out of gym sessions, and tried with all my might to avoid lifting weights with the other guys in the team who were sheer behemoths of muscle and might.
These guys were born to be big and powerful, and could build muscle just by looking at a dumbbell.
Over the next few months, my confidence continued to dip, I carried on skipping sessions, and eventually, I was let go.
All those hopes and aspirations were blown.
Just because I couldn’t build muscle.

The Mutant who Taught me the 3-Step System to Building Muscle with Ease

Just before my embarrassing departure from the team, I got some advice from one of the senior players there.
He turned to me one day and said -
Do yourself a favour.
It’s not too late for you, if you take my advice.
For the next 3 weeks, commit to going to the gym EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
This isn’t optimal in the long-term, but trust me buddy, it’s crucial you do this now, otherwise you’ll forever be skinny, weak, shy and ashamed of your physique.”
I did what he said, with the full intention of proving the doubters wrong, and getting back into the team.
But things didn’t quite go that way …
I did as I was told, and trained every single day for the next 3 weeks, and here’s what happened:
I built muscle.
Not just a little muscle here and there either - we’re talking real, genuine, noticeable muscle. In just a few weeks.
Sure, I didn’t become a bodybuilder overnight, but in that short time I saw huge changes in my physique.
Not just that, but my confidence sky-rocketed too.
I felt comfortable going out in short sleeves, I was more relaxed with friends, and I even started to not look at the floor when a pretty girl walked by.
I became addicted to the results that lifting weights was having on my body.
This was so profound that I gave up the idea of going back to rugby, and dedicated myself to becoming a strength coach.
10 years on, I now weigh a lean 214 lbs with visible abs.
I compete in strongman and bodybuilding, and I’m regarded as one of London’s best trainers, specialising in helping skinny guys build muscle.
None of this would have been possible without the miserable, humiliating experience of being kicked from the team all those years ago.

Imagine Walking into the Gym Every Single Session KNOWING You’ll be Stronger than you were last time, and that every single rep was laying down solid, head-turning muscle

This ^^^
Was the game-changer for me.
Knowing that I could make fast gains, both in terms of building muscle and losing fat (as well as getting hulk-like levels of strength) meant motivation was never a problem.
While my own results at the beginning of my journey were good, it took years to develop a system that works for every guy ... guaranteed.
It doesn’t matter how skinny you are now …
What you’ve tried in the past …
Your genetics …
What supplements you take …
The training program you’re following at the moment …
You CAN put on lean muscle mass, build a jaw-dropping physique and start to make your friends jealous with how fast your progress is.
It all comes down to my 3-step system …
Step 1: Train with the right FREQUENCY
You’ve probably heard that you need to train every day.
Perhaps you’ve read about bodybuilders only training a muscle group once a week.
Other guys say you should rest more days than you lift.
Plenty of big dudes say that full-body training is the only way to go.
The truth?
These are all WRONG.
There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. You have to discover what works for you, based on your genetics, your schedule, your stress levels, your diet, your goals, and dozens of other factors.
Step 2: Eat the Right Foods
That’s actually kind of a misnomer.
There are no right or wrong foods, but there is a right or wrong diet.
Naturally skinny guys like you and I make 1 of 2 mistakes:
We either chronically under-eat carbohydrates, focusing too much on protein, and stay weedy and scrawny …
… or we eat as much as we can stomach and just get fat.
There is an in-between though.
If you can find that sweet spot, where you’re building muscle as fast as humanly possible while staying lean and making the most of your God-given fast metabolism, you’ve discovered that magic pill of physique transformation.
Step 3: Accountability
Step 1 and 2 are easy once you have them nailed down, but what’s not so easy is keeping on track.
I was okay - I had people when I started who were fighting my corner, kicking my arse to succeed and who picked me up, dusted me down, and shoved me back in the gym when I had a bad day and wanted to throw in the towel.
But we’re not all that lucky.
Perhaps your family don’t understand why you want to build muscle.
Your girlfriend’s worried you’ll start spending every minute in the gym.
Friends laugh because they think you’re going to fail.
Above all, no one believes in you.
They believe you’ll always be the skinny kid with no confidence, the loser who’d be terrible in a fight and the guy no attractive girl would ever want to go home with.
I know that feeling, and that’s why I’m here to help.

Screw Genetics.
Screw Steroids.
THIS is what will give you that cover model body

I’m generally a modest guy, but when it comes to coaching men to build muscle, get lean and ultimately, have a body that makes other dudes jealous, I’m very good at what I do.
When it comes to those three steps above, here’s where I can help:
Through my 10+ years in the industry, my BSc in sports science and MSc in strength and conditioning, as well as the £10,000+ I’ve invested in courses and seminars, plus my experience competing in bodybuilding and strongman, I’ve developed ways of finding out quickly just what training and diet protocols you respond to best.
I prefer to let results do the talking though, so check out my clients Fillip and Ahmed.


FWFW Client


FWFW Client

What REALLY makes the difference is step 3: Accountability.
Your struggles and doubts about your body are completely normal.
Right now you probably feel like having the same kind of body as the magazine models and the big guys at your gym is just a pipe dream.
Maybe you’re worried about trying to build muscle because you’re afraid of failure.
Perhaps you’re even scared of being laughed out of the weight room.
That’s completely normal.
As guys, we’re often told to just man up, or that if we want something bad enough, we should just go and get on with it, but I don’t think that’s fair.
Building an amazing, muscular and lean body isn’t always easy, and that’s why you need someone to have your back, encouraging you along the way.
I’d love to be that guy.
But why would you need me, when you can just pick a routine out of a magazine, or pluck a muscle-building diet plan from the Internet?
Well here’s what typically happens when you do that:
- You start off okay and make it to the gym a few times in your first couple of weeks.  

- The diet isn’t too bad either, and you just about manage to keep up with eating 7 meals per day and the expensive supplement regime.  

- 3 or 4 weeks in, it starts to get tough.  

You’re not getting any stronger, you can’t see any visible muscle gain and you’re pissed off at a lack of progress.  

- What’s more, you’re bored of the food you’re eating, and your wallet is taking a pounding from all that chicken breast, steak and the pills, powders and potions.  

- You HATE not being allowed to drink with your mates, or have any delicious food.  

- Guys around you in the gym seem to be lifting heavier and making progress with ease, but you’re struggling to out-lift anyone ... even some of the girls.  

- Your arms STILL look embarrassingly skinny in your t shirt.  

- Nerves before training?

You bet - you know that all eyes will be on you as soon as you head to the weights area, with people wondering “What the hell is HE doing in here?”  

- The magazines tell you what to do and you do it to the letter, but your physique is still so far removed from the models in there that you wonder if you’re one of those guys just not meant to build muscle.  

- Hugely frustrated at yet another waste of time, energy and money, you jack it all in, resigning yourself to the fact you’ll never have a body like all the other guys.  

If all that sounds familiar, and you want a better way … a way that’s GUARANTEED to work, and will push you to defy your genetic limits to finally kick skinny to the curb and make you look strong, muscular and attractive, then give me just 60 more seconds of your time …

From Skinny Fat to Lean and Ripped
How Baran Lost 19 pounds of fat and gained 9 pounds of muscle in JUST 12 weeks

Let me introduce you to Baran …
Baran and I started working together when he weighed 205 pounds and had a body fat percentage of 17.6.
In just 12 short weeks, implementing the 3 steps from earlier - the right training frequency, the right diet and CONSITENCY Baran weighed in at 195 pounds and an amazing 9% body fat.
That’s a gain of 8.53 pounds of solid muscle mass.
And a loss of 18.53 pounds of pure body fat.
These results are typical with guys under my coaching guidance.


FWFW Cient

Check out Phill too.
Now, Phill demonstrates perfectly how nutrition and training HAS to be tailored to you. Here’s what he has to say -
“Tom identified that I respond well to high volume and low rest, with a nervous system that takes a little while to kick in.
As a result, the training was further refined.
This guy lives the lifestyle, and understands that it can be hard to combine a demanding job with the training and strict nutrition.
 But, when you see the results he attains for himself and others, it spurs you on to maintain the discipline needed to eat well and to give 100% to all training sessions.
The regular program changes and training variety also make this massively rewarding – especially as you start to see the results.”

It’s not just the practical side of training and nutrition that massively increases your chances of ACTUALLY seeing results, building muscle and losing fat though.
Let me ask you something:
What’s the longest you’ve ever stuck to a plan for?
If you’re anything like most guys, it’s probably been a few months, max.
And that’s because it’s not easy to keep hitting the gym, training hard and following a diet with a busy lifestyle and demanding job, especially if you’re not seeing results.
Coaching takes out ALL the guesswork though.
It offers that support when you need it, a push in the right direction, and an outlet for any stresses and worries.
Here’s what Alex had to say -
“Tom took a non-emotional and objective approach, which was exactly what I needed. 

From the moment he took over my nutrition, I instantly knew I was in good hands, and felt a weight had been lifted.
He took out all of the guesswork for me, responded to my (oftentimes needy) texts and emails, told me what needed to be done, and what he expected of me.
It’s helped me recognise that sometimes handing over the reigns to somebody else can be a really positive thing, and I plan on working with Tom for as long as he’ll put up with me!”


FWFW Client

Here’s how YOU too can build head-turning muscle FAST.
(And all for less than the price of a of Flat White and a paper per day

How much would a personal trainer in your gym cost?
If you came to train with me in person, I’m £90 a session.
You’d need at least three sessions with me, so that’s £270 per week.
Or £1,080 per month.
Over 3 months, you’re looking at a total cost of £3,240.
What about if you added a personalised diet to that, as well as workouts to do on your own, supplement recommendations (so you only spend money on what really works) and 24/7 support for all your questions?
What do we reckon?
About £5,000.
Sounds about right to me.
Well, working with me online doesn’t cost anywhere near that.
In truth, I realised 2 things:
My one to one coaching was over 99% of peoples’ budgets  
But I could help people even better by working with them online.  
So I stuck 2 fingers up to that £5k price tag, and cut it by over 90%
If you sign up today, you can come on board as a client and start seeing muscle gain straight away for just £140/month.
With that, you get:

  • A bespoke training program that’s changed monthly so you never hit a plateau and keep providing your muscles with a powerful stimulus to grow
  • A diet full of great tasting, easy to prepare meals that is adjusted weekly based on your results
  • This eating plan won’t include any of that fancy over-priced health food store crap. Everything on there you’ll be able to pick up from your local supermarket
  • Weekly check-ins via email to assess progress and provide feedback
  • Skype and text message support to answer any of your questions
  • Technique feedback based on videos of your training

Want Some Bonuses?

This isn’t just a coaching program where I set you up with a plan and then leave you to your own devices.
Here’s what you’ll receive from me -

- A high protein, breakfast recipe ebook so that you can kickstart your gains every day with these awesome recipes  

- A cheat Sheet to Eating Out. Follow the tips in here so that you can have a life away from the gym and still stay on track with your nutrition.  

Value = £9.99
- Supplement advice so you never waste another penny on fat loss pills or dodgy protein powders from scam companies that leave you out of pocket and wondering where the hell your muscles are going to sprout from.  

Value = £19

- A thorough warm-up and mobility plan to ensure you stay on top of your game, keep healthy and never miss a session through aches, pains or injury.  

Value = £27

This is NOT for Everybody

It sounds clichéd to say so, but this genuinely isn’t for everybody.
If you’re the kind of guy who likes making excuses, who wants to just pop a pill and see results, or can’t put up with a little bit of sweat, we’re not a good fit.
I’ve made building muscle simple and effortless, but I’ve not made it easy.
You’re still going to have to put in the gym time.
This is, when you’d bet your life on getting the results you want, that makes it a hell of a lot easier to stay motivated and keep on track.
I don’t do handholding and mollycoddling, but I DO do support, and once you’re on board with team Flat Whites Free Weights, you’re part of our inner-circle.
An inner circle of guys who want to beat their inner skinny kid to a pulp, leave behind the humiliation of always being weak and scrawny and finally build a muscular body they can be proud of.
You in?

I forgot to mention.
I have a complete, 100% money-back guarantee.
Don’t see results?
I’ll refund you every penny, no questions asked.
Spots are limited.
To maximise your results and to ensure I give every guy as much attention as needed, I’m only taking on 10 clients at this time.
Those spaces will go.
And they’ll go to the guys who want this most.
If you’re REALLY sick of being skinny, you don’t want to miss out.