Fat Cat Top Dog Ebook


  • The Busy Guys Guide to Getting Lean in 12 weeks
  • Get your hands on the the plan that transformed the physiques of London’s Square Mile “Fat Cats” at a fraction of the cost.
  • To work in-person with me this package cost my personal training clients £3,240
  • You can get a copy of the training and nutrition protocols for ONLY £8.99


I have made a career transforming the physiques of guys working in London’s square mile.

As you can see from the above prices these results didn’t come cheap.

I loved helping these guys through their transformations, but I wanted to help more of you to get the body you desire.

That’s why I wrote FCTP. It details all the training and diet protocols I used to get these guys in the best shape ever.

Following the FCTP plan will get you shredded in 12 weeks while also arming you with the tools to continue to stay lean for life.

After following this plan you won’t be embarrassed about your body. In fact, you’ll be looking for opportunities to have your shirt off all summer (if you’re like a few of my clients then Winter will be fair game too!).

You can be the Top Dog.

What You’ll Get:

The exact system I have used countless times to get rapid results with my high paying Personal Training clients.

This includes:

  • A plan based on the Triple-S principles – Simple, Scientific, & Successful
  • A detailed overview of the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of both the training and nutrition protocols
  • An evidence based, periodised, 12-week fat loss training programme
  • A 3-phase nutrition regime specifically designed to complement the FCTP training plan

You will also learn:

  • The 6 key habits to build a muscular and lean physique
  • 5 simple success strategies to maximise your results
  • 4 Practical Fat Loss Pro Tactics that remove the potential pitfalls of dieting
FCTP 12 Week Fat Loss Training Plan

The training program detailed in Fat Cat to Top Dog has worked time and time again. It is based on the fundamental principles of scientific fat loss training.

Your body adapts to the stimulus you expose it to. You must train in a fashion that disrupts homeostasis, progressively overloads your body and forces it to lose fat. The 12 Week Training Plan in Fat Cat to Top Dog does exactly that.

With this plan, you will get:

  • An evidence based 12-week fat loss programme
  • A program based on the latest research, this plan incorporates all the variables required to stimulate rapid fat loss
  • This programme is divided into 4mesocycles (phases) which provide the variety and stimulus to keep you motivated and losing fat week after week
  • A guide to using RPE and warm up sets
  • Never worry about when or how to adjust your training to keep progressing. This plan does it all for you!

Abs are made in the kitchen – Even with the ideal training plan you will not lose fat without an appropriate diet plan.

For optimal results, I have included the exact nutrition approaches I recommend to clients when they have to get in shape ASAP.

FCTP 3-Phase Diet Protocol

Designed to maximise the benefits of the 12-week Fat Cat to Top Dog Training Plan, this 3-phase nutrition plan will guide you through the whole process providing you with the skills to get lean and STAY lean.

Knowing when and how to adjust your diet is the key piece of the diet puzzle. Quit second guessing yourself! Follow the plan included in FCTP and you’ll be beach ready in record time.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Take the guesswork out of your diet
  • A periodised nutrition plan designed to work synergistically with the 12-week training plan
  • This nutrition plan sequentially takes you through the Bootcamp, Basecamp and Flexible dieting phases to get you ripped in record time

Don’t waste all your efforts in the gym by making changes to your diet on emotion or guesswork.

You owe it to yourself to adjust your diet based on proven  logical, evidenced decision making processes. Let me do the thinking for you.

Follow the plan, trust the process and get shredded in 12 weeks.

Supplement Guide

How many hundreds of pounds are you going to spend on quick fix gimmick supplements before you realise you are wasting your hard earned cash?

Instead focus on the fundamentals of fat loss:

  • Proper training
  • Proper nutrition
  • Proper recovery
  • And…
  • Proper supplementation

In the supplement guide you will learn that there are only a few well researched supplements worth considering. I identify the 7 key supplements that can help you to train hard, recover and burn fat.

The Fat Cat to Top Dog plan provides you with everything you need to get in the best shape of your life for just £8.99.

Remember, my in-person PT clients pay me £3,240 for this info!

Don’t need me to hold your hand through the training sessions? Then you can have it all for only £8.99.

If you want to build a lean, muscular, and strong body then click the order button below.


This amazing fat loss resource not for you, but you’d still like my help? Well, fortunately, for you I am a Personal Trainer who works with clients both online and in-person. Over the past decade, I’ve helped hundreds of clients to drop fat, build muscle and get stronger. You can learn more about my services here (put link to online PT page – http://flatwhitesfreeweights.com/training-2/).


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