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Breakfast can be - shall we say - a little boring!

The way most people go about their first meal of the day is far from ideal.
Most office workers, commuters and busy parents start the morning with toast, cereal, fruit juice, or worse - chocolate bars and energy drinks.
Even guys and girls who claim to be dedicated to getting lean, strong and ripped get it wrong, either opting for bland, boring protein shakes and egg whites, or relying on cereal bars and coffee.

They say -"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" ...
That ^^^ isn't 100% true.
Eating the right number of calories ...
Hitting your protein intake. ...
Nailing your macronutrient quota ...
And training hard ...
Matter more than what you eat at breakfast, but that's not to say breakfast isn't important ... Really damn important.
A bad breakfast leaves you -
- hungry
- craving sweet, fatty food by mid morning
- compromises your strength and energy levels 
- and has a detrimental effect on your muscle mass and fat loss.
Get breakfast right, however, and you're on to a winner. 
You -
- Burn fat faster 
- Deliver vital nutrients to your muscle cells
- Kick-start protein synthesis 
- Set yourself up for a successful day of fat loss
Want to know the best fat loss breakfasts?

There's no 'best food' to eat first thing in the morning.
Just like no food is good or bad in isolation, no breakfast on its own can turbo charge your metabolism or make you strip fat faster.
However, there are certain breakfasts that not only taste fantastic and are easy to make, but that can also get you to your goals a hell of a lot quicker.
I'm Tom MacCormick, full time personal trainer and strong coffee drinker, and I'm here to share my best breakfast recipes with you.

Every concoction in this free ebook:

  • Is high in protein
  • Low in processed ingredients and poor quality carbs
  • Contains a load of fibre and nutrients
  • And tastes great

Not only that, but they're easy to make, and don't require a tonne of fancy ingredients that you have to trek to specialist health food stores for.
Getting a good breakfast is one of the main habits I get all my clients to adhere to, and as you can see from the pictures below, the effort pays off.



FWFW Client


FWFW Client

I say "effort" but in reality, all the recipes in here are super quick and easy to make.
There's no reason why breakfast (whether it's for fat loss or muscle gain) needs to be boring or bland.
Sure, if you love plain egg whites or oats and a shake, go right ahead.
Me though?
I like pancakes.
I love bacon.
And I can't get enough of muffins.
That's why there are recipes for all of these in the ebook.
So if you know your breakfast isn't up to scratch.
(Perhaps you're Succumbing to the lure of Special K, selling yourself short by just grabbing a bagel, or your making it through to lunchtime on caffeine alone) ...
Or you think your breakfast is helping you reach your goals, but it's just got a little ... Boring and tasteless ...
Grab your Free Breakfast Recipes Ebook now.

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And the book will be delivered straight to your inbox, so you can dominate your breakfast and give your fat loss or muscle gain progress a kick start today.
(Or tomorrow, depending on what time you download your book!)
Happy Eating 
Tom MacCormick