What Science Has To Say About Building Muscle

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Science is a way of developing knowledge; a mechanism to establish what you accept as sufficiently “real” to allow you to act upon, and thereby live your life. So, science can help guide how you live your lifting life. Go here to read the full article and learn more

Tip: Unbalanced Training for Bodybuilding

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Balanced training is great for beginners, but not so much for the experienced lifter. Here’s why. Read the full article here

Training Guidelines To Build Muscle

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Training to build muscle, it’s simple, right?   Well let me ask you a question… How much muscle have you built this year?   Happy with your results? Or feel you could have made more progress?   If you’re like most gym goers you have probably made some gains, but nowhere near as many as you could have.   Want to maximise your results? …

How I Survived The Hardest Training Program Ever

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The Super Accumulation training review: The Super Accumulation training program (also referred to as the .50 Calibre training) is the brainchild of Charles Poliquin. As you can tell from the name it’s designed to be a killer workout. This programme has been discussed at various courses I’ve been on over the last few years. The response from those who have …