6 More Hypertrophy Tips For The Long Limbed Lifter

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Welcome back. In my first article, Hypertrophy for Long-Limbed Lifters, I covered the first five key training strategies to help long-limbed guys build muscle. In this article, I have another six tips for you to fine tune your training. To read the full article go here.

Hypertrophy Tips For The Long-Limbed Lifter

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Do you tower over people when standing, but look normal height when sitting? Are you all arms and legs? Then you, my friend, are not only tall, but also long-limbed. Being tall is cool. It helps with most athletic pursuits, you never need worry about seeing over the crowd at a gig, you can reach stuff that others need a …

Exercise Selection for Long Limbed Lifters – Respect Your Structure and Pick YOUR Big 3

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Exercise selection is a key element in getting the most from your training.   First you must train in a manner specific to your goals. Then you must make sure it gets harder over time. That means you adhering to the principles of progressive overload. After that you can begin to fine tune things.   Once you have established your …

The Super 6 – Muscle Building Tips for Tall Guys

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For the most part it sucks to be tall when it comes to lifting weights. If you are tall then the bar has to travel further in a squat, bench or deadlift than for a shorter person. You do a lot more work per rep than shorter guys. Work, in physics is defined as force x distance. So being tall …