What Science Has To Say About Building Muscle

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Science is a way of developing knowledge; a mechanism to establish what you accept as sufficiently “real” to allow you to act upon, and thereby live your life. So, science can help guide how you live your lifting life. Go here to read the full article and learn more

Success Leaves Clues; So Does Science

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Throughout the history of the iron game bodybuilders have used trial and error and the wisdom passed down from one generation of meathead to the next to determine what works. The evolution of this process led most top bodybuilders to train with a split routine, training each muscle once per week. Read the rest of the article here.  

Fat Loss Hack – An Apple A Day Keeps Fat Gain Away

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  More specifically, an apple 15-minutes before lunch can help you consume fewer overall calories. That brings a new meaning to lean in 15, doesn’t it? Fewer calories = less fat As study by Flood-Obbagy et al., found that… …“eating peeled apple segments containing 125kcals (roughly equivalent to 2 apples), 15 minutes before lunch led to people consuming 315 less …