The Alchemist Book Review

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By Paulo Coehlo


Much like the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari this is a book I had heard was good many times from many people. Likewise, it took me ages to finally get around to reading it once I’d had these recommendations. When I eventually got around to it I wasn’t disappointed.


The book is only 163–pages long. It is a motivational parable similar to the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. However, rather than the main protagonist returning with the answers and keen to share them with all he meets, this book takes you on the journey of discovery with the hero. The plot line is pretty simple, the quest of a Spanish shepherd boy named, Santiago. Throughout it he keeps getting the same dream that there is treasure lying underneath the pyramids.


Santiago embarks on his journey to cross the Mediterranean and the Sahara to find his treasure. This is described in a manner of his personal calling. Over the course of his journey he encounters thieves, con-merchants, love, learns alchemy and inches his way towards the treasure despite many set-backs.


Throughout the book the theme that, as you approach a breakthrough resistance increases, appears frequently. Coehlo beautifully writes the book to move you through what is on the surface a simple story, but he weaves in the philosophical details which get you pondering Santiago’s quest/success/failures/plight/frustration and linking them to your own experiences.


Multiple parallels between the struggles Santiago faces crossing deserts and overcoming aggressive tribes can be drawn from our far less adventurous day to day lives. The lessons Santiago learns are just as applicable to yours or my life.


This is a motivational book like few others. It leaves you optimistic about what you can achieve. Gives you principles to follow to get there and does it without any over the top ra-ra-ra type self-help hype.


I highly recommend this book and advise you to grab a copy asap.

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