The Daily Grind – 13th Edition

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Another week and more sets & reps. This = more volume and more growth. I bumped my calories up from 3500 to 3750 as scale weight had plateaued and I was doing more work in the gym.

I have added an extra exercise or done an additional set for all bodyparts this week.

Here are the details…

Monday –

A Bench Press, 1×5, 3×6 (hit the target reps here so will nudge the weight up 2.5kg next week)

B Low Incline DB Bench, 3×10 (up in weight next time)

C Neutral Narrow Low Rows, 4×8

D Lat Pulldowns, 3×8 (swapped this for the weighted chins to allow for more overall volume)

E Prone Trap 3 Lift 2×6 (held the peak contract for a 6 count on each rep – this exercise is an addition this week to target my upper back)

F DB Lateral Raises, 4×12, 1×10 (another set up on last week. obviously I was going for 5×12)

H1 Rope pressdowns, 3×12, 1×10 (heavier than last week)

H 2 EZ bar preacher curls, 3×12, 1×8 (heavier than last week)


A Deadlift, 1×5 (4 warm ups sets before this)

B Deadstop Legpres, 4×6

C Linear Hack Press, 2×12 (an extra quad exercise this week)

D Leg Extensions, 3×10

D Lying Leg Curls, 8/8/7/6

E BB Goodmornings, 3×10 (swapped in for the RDLs to give a different stimulus for hamstrings in hip extension. Had been doing RDLs for what seemed like forever)

F BB Banded Hip Thrust, 2×12 (extra exercise to target glutes)

G Legpress Calf Raise, 5×10 (all sets at this weight means i’ll go up next week)

Wednesday (no more Hump Day this is Pump Day!)

A Plate Loaded Machine Shoulder Press, 2×8, 2×6 (an extra set at a heavier weight…GAINZ!)

C Lees Lateral Raise 4×12 (first time I’ve got this weight the whole way through)

D Machine Reverse Flyes, 20, 20, 20, & 16 (a few reps better than last week)

E1 Smith Machine Close Grip Bench, 1×12, 1×10, 1×14 (dropped weight every set)

E2 BB reverse curls, 12, dropped weight, 1×12, 2×14

F1 decline DB skullcrushers, 14, 14, 12, 14 (started heavier this week and dropped weight every set. Ended up finishing on the same weight as last week)

F2 incline DDB curls, 14, 14, 10, 14 (dropped weight on final set)

G1 rope French press, 12, 10, 10 (dropped weight each set)

G2 db hammer curls, 3×15 (an extra rep each set)

On all the arms supersets I kept rest very short. Went from straight from the first exercise straight into the second and then took 30s rest before going again. This resulted in a wicked pump and some extremely light weights being thrown around.


A Hack squats, 3×12 (as every week…still horrible but I managed a bit more weight this week)

B 45 Degree Legpress, 3×15  (additional quad exercise)

C Leg Extension, 15, 11, 15 (dropped weight final set – these were noticeably harder coming straight of the back of hack squats and leg presses)

D Lying Leg Curls, 3×12 & 1×9 (added a set and it kicked my ass)

C 45 degree back extensions, 5×15 (bumped the reps up from 12 last week at the same weight…GAINZ!)

E Machine Calf Press, 15/15/15/13/12 (up 10 reps overall on last week)


A Bench, 3×10, 1×8  (20 band pull-aparts between each set)

B DB shoulder press, 12/10 & 10 (final set was lighter – I had gone up in weight on last week for the first tow sets)

C Machine Incline Press, 3×12

D Pec Deck, 12/10/8 (Yeah bro! I swapped this in as a novel stimulus for my chest. Since I haven’t done them since I was about 16 I think it was pretty novel! Judging by the sorness after it also worked.)

E Lat Pulldowns, 12, 12, 12, & 9 (one extra rep…slow progress is better than no progress)

F Pronated Seated Rows, 3×12 ( a little heavier than last wek)

G1 cable curls, 5×15 (changed this up from seated DB curls – went a little too light. Also an extra set for biceps compared to last week)

G2 V bar Pressdowns, 15/15/15/12/10 (another small change on exercise selection to keep making progress. Also did an extra set this week)

H Machine rear delt flyes, 3×25, 1×11 (heavier than last week) 1×15 with last weeks weight (an extra set up on last week)

I Machine lateral raise, 15/15/12/12/10 (heavier and an extra set.)

Next week I will startmpushing the envelope with intensification techniques. For the most part this will be in the fomr of a drop set on the last exercise for each bodypart. I have 2 weeks now where my intention is to push towards, or above my maximal recoverable volume. Controlled overtraining essentially. Then I will take a deload before a 3 week blitz up until Xmas.

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