The Daily Grind – The 9th Edition

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The second, and final, week of really low volume…


A Back Squats, 1×1, 1×7 & then on rep 7 my knee said…”Tom put the bar back in the rack, walk away and kindly never do that to me again…or words to that effect.

My left knee is a persistent problem for me (rupturing all 4 ligaments and tearing the medial meniscus will do that). Anyway, I stopped squatting there and moved on.

B Deadlfit, 1×3 (several warm-up sets before this)

C Single Lying Leg Curls, 2×6

D BB RDLs, 2×6

E Legpress Calf Raise, 3×8


A1 Bench, 2×8, 1×6 (training with someone else who goaded me into a few extra reps)

A2 Pull-Ups, 3×5

B1 Seated Smith Machine Shoulder Press, 3×6

B2 Neutral Narrow Grip Low Rows, 3×6

C1 Dips, 3×8

C2 Incline DB Curls, 3×8

C3 DB Upright Rows, 3×8


Ditched the squats. Put deadlifts in first and hit a heavy single with these. Then added some legpresses in place of the squat. Did 3×6 with these.


Same as Tuesday. Reps on bench were 1×1 & 2×5.

Weights are progressing up on almost everything (except squats which suck – just as well they aren’t called the king of exercises or anything…)

Time for some more volume next week. Woohoo!

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